Scaringi Ranked #1 Conservative Candidate in U.S. Senate Race by Pittsburgh 9-12

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania — Marc Scaringi, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania, received the #1 ranking as the most conservative candidate seeking the Republican nomination by the Pittsburgh Project 9-12 group. The ranking was based on a questionnaire, which four of the five candidates seeking the nomination participated in.

Regarding Scaringi’s ranking, the Pittsburgh 9-12 Project found, “This candidate had a perfect conservative rating consistent with that which one might expect from a Constitutionalist or Libertarian. The answers were direct and his arguments were convincing and well-constructed. This candidate would definitely be an anti-Progressivism voice working to defeat any further encroachment upon the Constitution and to stop any further intrusion into the lives of American citizens.”

Scaringi responded to the ranking stating, “I am very gratified to receive the #1 ranking by the Pittsburgh 9-12 Project. My views have not changed during the course of this campaign. They are grounded in the Constitution and the limited role our Founders intended for our federal government. The only way we will restore freedom, and save our republic from bankruptcy and ruin is to return to the bedrock principles found in the Constitution.”

When the issue of conservatism was raised at the ABC 6 Philadelphia debate (which aired yesterday, 4/15), Scaringi said, “I’m glad that the Republican Party is growing here in Pennsylvania. I’m glad to have Tom Smith, wherever you are, welcome to the Republican Party, and Steve, welcome back to the Republican Party, I hope you’ll stay this time.” Smith did not participate in the debate. You can view the entire debate here. This issue came up at minute 16:50 during the debate. Scaringi makes his Smith and Welch comment at minute 19:30.


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