Pittsburgh 9-12 Ranks Scaringi Most Conservative In US Senate Race – Questionnaire

Pittsburgh 9-12 U.S. Senate Candidate Questionnaire – Marc Scaringi 

1. With the Health Care bill being such a dominant issue, what parts of the bill would you be willing to support?

None. The U.S. Constitution does not empower the federal government to legislate in the area of health care.  Furthermore, government involvement leads to escalating costs and rationing of care.   I will work for the complete repeal of Obamacare.  I will replace Obamacare with freedom and the free enterprise system.  We need to return health insurance to what it is supposed to be – insurance against the risk of catastrophic loss, not a payment system for regular health care expenses.  By phasing out of third party pay for most health care expenditures, and returning to first party pay for regular, non-catastrophic health care needs, we will reduce the cost of health insurance for individuals and businesses.  This will make health insurance more affordable and thus accessible to more Americans.  I also favor enhancing tax preferences for employer and/or self-funded individual Health Savings Accounts.  This will encourage individuals to provide and pay for their own regular, non-catastrophic health care needs on a tax-preferred basis out of portable accounts the individual – not the employer – owns.  Thus, individuals will once again own their own health insurance policies and accounts, be able to save for health care needs on a tax-preferred basis, be able to pay directly for health care services and thus avoid rationing of care that results from third party and government-provided health care.  By restoring first party pay and the free enterprise system, health care costs will be reduced for all and more Americans will be able to afford health insurance and receive the health care they need. 

2. To break the partisan bickering, would you agree to a small income tax increase on the 1%?

Absolutely not!   I want to free the American people – all the American people – from the indentured servitude to the federal government by repealing the 16th Amendment, abolishing the IRS and repealing the Internal Revenue Code.  I do not want the American people to spend their lives working for the government.  I want the American people to be free from the government.  And, I reject the class warfare, tax the “rich” mentality.  I want pro-growth tax policies that help more Americans become “rich.”   By eliminating the tax on work, savings and investment, we will allow the American people to keep the fruits of their own labor and they will become wealthier and better able to provide for themselves and their families.  They will also save and invest those fruits – creating the seed corn that is vital to a capitalist economic system.  The more we save and invest, the stronger our families and businesses will be.  But, our government wants the American people to borrow, spend and consume.  That is how to destroy our economy, bankrupt our government and impoverish the American people.  We must free the American people from the oppression of the federal income tax and restore free-market based capitalism to America.  This will lead to the greatest economic expansion this country has ever seen, will lift our economy to soaring new heights and put millions of Americans back to work.

3. The Housing Crisis continues unabated with foreclosures expected to increase in 2012 from 2011. Would you continue funding various organizations to counsel and protect those homeowners facing foreclosure and eviction?

No.  The U.S. Constitution does not empower the federal government to legislate in the area of housing.  And the federal government’s intervention into the housing market has had disastrous consequences.  The federal government, through the policies of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the easy money monetary policy of the Federal Reserve, caused the  housing bubble that burst that lead to the crisis on Wall Street and the Great Recession.  Presidents George W. Bush and Barak Obama and the U.S. Congress exacerbated the crisis by using taxpayer dollars to bail out failed Wall Street investment banks and other financial institutions.  President Obama continues to depress the housing market by providing financial assistance to individuals who are unable to make their mortgage payments.  President Obama’s continued intervention into the housing market, with the intent to prop up housing prices by keeping people into homes they cannot afford, is only making the problem worse.  Instead, the government should allow the free enterprise system to work.  Those homeowners who cannot make their mortgage payments will relieve themselves of the debt and the mortgage burden by surrendering their homes and moving to less expensive housing.  This will strengthen their financial position.  Once the government stops propping up housing prices, prices will find their bottom and then begin to rise again as demand rises and the housing market will then rebound naturally.  That is why we must remove the federal government from its involvement in housing by repealing federal housing laws such as the Community Reinvestment Act, abolishing the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and reining in the Federal Reserve Banking System and putting it on the path to extinction by preventing it from manipulating interest rates and stopping it from printing money out of thin air.  By preventing the Fed from manipulating interest rates, the price of money (i.e. interest rates) will be determined by the free market instead of a central planner.  This will help stabilize the housing market and eliminate the bubbles.  By stopping the federal government from subsidizing housing for those who cannot afford it, this will also help stabilize the housing market , prevent bubbles from occurring and help the American people by encouraging them to get into housing they can afford.    

4. Regarding military spending, would you increase, decrease or keep the same? 

We must always have the strongest military on Earth, but must use it sparingly and only to protect the national security interests of the American people.  There is a difference between spending on defense and spending on militarism.  My efforts would be focused on reducing spending on militarism and strengthening the defense of America.   I would vote to decrease spending on overseas military bases and installations by turning those bases over to the host country or shutting them down but in any case bringing our troops home.  We can no longer afford to defend the Germans, Italians, Japanese and the South Koreans – and we can save billions by bringing our troops home from those countries.  Furthermore, I would end the war in Afghanistan and bring our troops home now saving billions of dollars and saving the lives of countless American soldiers.  I would stop all nation-building endeavors around the world and focus on rebuilding the defense of America.  This will save us additional billions.  By returning to a foreign policy based upon the principle we are a Republic, not an Empire and freeing America from this self-imposed moral duty to “Police the World” or “Make the World Safe for Democracy”, we will save hundreds of billions a year, will stop stirring up anti-American hatred around the world and will make America stronger and the American people safer.

5. To support world peace efforts, would you vote to continue worldwide efforts to promote democracy? 

We must reject this liberal, progressive ideology that it is our duty to “Make the World Safe for Democracy” that was brought to the forefront of our foreign policy by the liberal progressives, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and has been embraced by Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush and the entire modern Republican and Democratic Parties.  This liberal, progressive ideology was rejected by our Founding Fathers, all of our presidents for the first 125 years of the Republic, and our greatest warrior-statesmen from George Washington to Dwight Eisenhower, as well as Ronald Reagan.   Unfortunately, today’s Republican and Democratic Parties have embraced this failed liberal ideology that has bankrupted America and caused anti-American hatred throughout the world and has generated blowback by fanning the flames of radical jihad.  There is a reason our greatest statesmen warned us strongly against going around the world in search of monsters to destroy.  We must listen to them.

6. Given the humanitarian disasters throughout Africa, would you increase aid or pull back to lessen our spending deficits?

No.  First, the Constitution does not empower the federal government to provide foreign or humanitarian aid.  Second, America cannot afford to pay its own bills, let alone provide financial assistance to foreign governments or foreign peoples.  Third, foreign aid frequently goes to corrupt officials of foreign governments who use the aid to enrich themselves and not to assist people in need.  It makes no sense for the U.S. government to confiscate the property of poor Americans and redistribute that property to wealthy foreign government officials.  Fourth, foreign aid causes and exacerbates dependency of foreign governments and foreign peoples on the aid itself, thus creating and perpetuating a cycle of dependency.  Fifth, foreign governments take advantage of our largess by using our own foreign aid as a form of bribery against us.  Because we offer and provide foreign aid, foreign governments will only do what we want them to do if we give them foreign aid.  So it becomes a vicious cycle.  Sixth, there are few real restraints on how the foreign government spends our money.  For example, we provide foreign aid to Pakistan ostensibly for it to help us combat al-Qaeda and it uses the money to strengthen its military on the border with its enemy and our ally, India, while it protects Osama bin Laden.  Seventh, the foreign aid is often used to prop up foreign despots who brutalize their own people.  The people then become resentful toward the U.S. because we are arming, supplying and giving money and assistance to the dictator who brutalizes them.  Examples of this unintended consequence of foreign aid are replete throughout the Arab World.  For the above reasons, I will vote to end all foreign aid. 

7. What do you think should be done about the income gap?

 First, we can do much to decrease the income gap by eliminating government benefits to people who do not work.  By eliminating government benefits, such as cash assistance, food stamps, housing assistance and unemployment compensation, people who do not work and thus do not generate income will go back to or start  work and thus generate income.  This will begin to close the income gap.  Second, we can eliminate the federal tax on work, savings and investment.  By eliminating the tax on work, for example, more people will work and thus generate income and more people will work harder thus generating more income.  This will help close the income gap.  Third, we can eliminate the corporate welfare and crony capitalism and other forms of government theft and redistribution of wealth from the non-politically connected to those who are politically connected.  This will reduce the incomes of the recipients of government-sponsored corporate welfare, and thus close the income gap.  We should stop all of these government bailouts that take taxpayer dollars away from the non-politically connected and redistribute those dollars to the politically connected, such as owners of Wall Street investment banks, executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and executives and owners of companies such as Solyndra.       

8. Should we discontinue our membership in the United Nations?

Yes, I would vote to withdraw the United States from the United Nations, prohibit any U.S. government funding to the United Nations and evict the UN from New York and remove it from the United States.  The UN is responsible for so many policies that harm U.S. foreign policy and domestic policy and interests.  The policy of the UN is to create a New World Order where the sovereignty of the individual nation states is subordinate to the UN.  This cannot be allowed to continue.  I will fight against any and all efforts to take or weaken the sovereignty of the United States.  I do not believe in one-world government.

9. Do you have any misgivings about the Keystone pipeline project?

No.  The United States Congress should take back its Constitutional authority to regulate foreign commerce and pass a bill approving the Keystone XL application submitted by TransCanda, LLC.  The Keystone Pipeline should be approved and passed immediately.  The addition of the Keystone Pipeline will add 800,000 barrels of oil a day to the U.S. market, will provide a much needed boost of business to our oil refineries, will help reduce the price we pay for gas at the pump and help reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil from the volatile Middle East.  Furthermore, the construction of the Keystone Pipeline will add 20,000 construction-related jobs to the American people at a time when we desperately need new job creation.

10. Would you support a fence on the southern border? If not, why not?

Yes, a nation without borders is no longer a nation.  I would support a fence across our Southern border, and support any other means necessary to close down our border completely and stop illegal immigration in its tracks.  I would vote to end the enticement for illegal aliens to steal their way into our country by ending all government aid, benefits and subsidies to illegal aliens.  I would enforce our anti- illegal immigration laws more vigorously.  I would support a more concerted and concentrated effort of deportation of all illegal aliens regardless of how long they have resided in  America.  I will oppose any effort to create a Pathway to Citizenship.

 Personal Question for Marc Scaringi:

1. You list your opinions on the issues in your Free America Agenda. Can you list three main points in this Agenda that differentiate you from the other Republican candidates and define your candidacy?”

My candidacy is defined by my desire to restore the Constitutional Republic created by our Founding Fathers and the freedoms, personal liberties and individual rights our government was created to defend.  My candidacy is distinguishable from the other candidates in this campaign not only by my adherence to the Constitution and my desire to restore freedom and personal liberty, but also by my addressing right in my Free America Agenda three of the most significant problems with our country today: (1) the federal personal income tax has turned a free, proud, prosperous and independent people into indentured servants to the government.  Half of the American people work their entire lives to pay this tax which is then redistributed by the government to provide welfare to the other half of the American people so they do not have to work to provide for themselves.  The federal income tax is grossly unfair, unjust and un-American.  Furthermore, because the federal personal income tax makes it so easy for the government to raise so much revenue, it has allowed the government to metastasize into the massive Leviathan that it has become.  If we take away the federal personal income tax, the government by necessity must shrink in size.  The more we can shrink the size of government, the more we can expand freedom for the American people.  (2) We must put the Federal Reserve Banking System on the path to extinction.  The Federal Reserve, by creating money out of thin air, and combined with the federal personal income tax, has allowed the government to become the Leviathan it has become.  If we stop the government from printing money, then the government would not be able to afford this massive welfare and warfare state.  By removing the financing of the welfare and warfare state, we will save the Republic from bankruptcy and restore freedom to the American people. (3) We must also reject this liberal, progressive, interventionist foreign policy that has had America at war nearly continuously since World War I.  These constant wars have bankrupted the country, led to the unnecessary death and injury of countless Americans, have stirred up resentment around the world, have caused devastating blowback against innocent Americans and have made America profoundly weaker and less secure.  If we do not reverse course on fiscal, monetary policy and foreign policy, the Republic will not survive.  I am the only candidate addressing the three most fundamental issues of the day – the three policies that are destroying our freedoms, bankrupting our nation and making the American people less secure.   

Flash Round – yes or no.

You may give reasons why or why not if you wish.

1. Which of the following are you willing to support:

Elimination of the Federal income tax, IRS, and repeal of the 16th Amendment to be replaced by some form of Fair Tax.

One of the six items on my Free America Agenda is to eliminate the federal income tax, abolish the IRS and repeal the 16th Amendment.  I would not replace the federal income tax with any new taxing authority or new tax.   I would generate revenues needed to run the federal government from the sources set forth in the U.S. Constitution, including duties, imposts, tariffs and excise taxes.  This is the revenue structure put into place by our Founding Fathers and was used to build America into the strongest and wealthiest nation on Earth.  If we reduce the size of the federal government to that which is authorized by the Constitution, we would not need the revenues currently generated by the federal personal income tax to generate revenues.   

2. Privatization of the TSA.

Yes, I support the privatization of the TSA.  One of the first positions I took in this campaign was to call upon Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, to remove the body imaging scans and stop the enhanced pat downs at our airports because these tactics violate our 4th Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.  Furthermore, not only do these TSA procedures violate our Constitution, they are also ineffective in deterring terrorists.  Apparently, the TSA cannot account for one successful detention of a suspected terrorist by using these tactics. The TSA should be privatized and these body imaging and pat down tactics should be banned as unconstitutional violations of our right to privacy.      

 3. Reform Medicare by allowing individuals to opt out of Medicare.

Yes, not only should individuals be allowed to opt out of Medicare, I would work toward sunsetting Medicare for my and younger generations.  The Constitution does not empower the federal government to create a health insurance program and force Americans into it.  Individuals should provide for their own health insurance.  The government has proven itself to be grossly inept in running its health insurance program.  Medicare is insolvent and is getting more insolvent every day.  The government’s health insurance program has failed.  So, it is time to get the government out of providing health insurance and back to doing only what the Constitution authorizes.   

4. Reform Social Security by allowing individuals born after 1981 to opt into their own personal retirement account.

Yes, I support allowing individuals to opt into personal retirement accounts.  Furthermore, I support sunsetting Social Security for my and future generations.  The Constitution does not empower the federal government to create and maintain an old age insurance program.  The federal government’s program has been an absolute failure.  Social Security is insolvent and can never afford to pay the benefits it has guaranteed.  Social Security has discouraged individuals from saving and providing for their retirement and has encouraged individuals to become dependent upon the government.  Individuals should provide for their retirements, not depend upon the government to provide a retirement for them.  There is no way around work, savings and investing for one’s retirement.  The government just steals the Social Security and Medicare taxes we pay and uses those monies to fund other government programs.  Because of the government’s own failure to hold our Social Security and Medicare funds in trust, we cannot depend upon the government to provide for our retirements.

5. End urban mass transit grants.

Yes, the Constitution does not empower the federal government to be involved in urban mass transit.  Thus, under the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the power to legislate and regulate urban mass transit remains with the states. 

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