Scaringi Puts in Strong Performance at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Debate: Hits Welch On His Vote for Barack Obama

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania — Marc Scaringi, candidate for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania, put in a strong performance today at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference (“PLC”) debate. All five candidates seeking the nomination participated in the hour- long debate including Scaringi, David Christian, Sam Rohrer, Tom Smith and Steve Welch.

Scaringi delivered the most electrifying moment in the debate when radio talk show host Dom Giordano asked the candidates what their strategy would be to defeat Bob Casey. [See video here.] Scaringi said that he would “focus on [Casey’s] voting and legislative record. Senator Casey voted 98% of the time the way President Obama instructed him to vote. And like Steve Welch, Senator Casey voted for Barack Obama in 2008.” Scaringi’s comment about Welch drew loud applause from the crowd. Welch changed his registration from Republican to Democrat in 2005 and, by his own admission, voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary. He then switched his registration back to Republican in 2009.

Randy DeSoto, Communications Director for Scaringi said, “Marc had a very good day today.” He added, “It was exciting to see the Twitter world light up with comments from the media and others live-tweeting from the event. Media outlets reported, “It’s on” and “Scaringi just gave the strongest answer of the debate.” Others wrote, “Scaringi just dropped the Obama bomb on Welch to loud applause from the audience.”

DeSoto noted, “Our only disappointment is that the PLC US Senate candidates straw poll was taken prior to the debate, unlike the other straw polls Marc’s been involved with throughout the state. It would have made sense (at least in terms of obtaining the most current and accurate results) to have the candidates make their case, and then allow the people to vote. Marc has done very well in straw polls following candidates forums. In fact, in a straw poll conducted by the Republican Party committees of Blair, Centre, Huntingdon and Bedford counties following a forum in which Scaringi, Rohrer, Smith and Welch participated, Scaringi won, with 21% of those participating deciding to change their minds concerning who they supported as a result of hearing the candidates at the forum.”


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