Scaringi Releases Ad: “Let’s Restore Freedom to America”; Announces Buy

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania — Marc Scaringi, candidate for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania, today released a radio ad entitled, “Let’s Restore Freedom to America.” In the minute long ad, Scaringi talks about first feeling called to public service in the early 90’s and working in the Senate in Washington during the First Republican Revolution. He later left the political world, but the country’s radical change in direction under President Barack Obama and his strong ally in the Senate Robert Casey stirred in Scaringi the belief that he needed to re-enter the political arena and run for the U.S. Senate with the goal of going to Washington to help stop the Obama-Casey Agenda in its tracks. Initially, the ad will air 20 times on stations WBLF-AM and WQCK-FM weekdays between 03/01/2012 and 03/14/2012, which broadcast throughout the central region of Pennsylvania, including Blair, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, and Huntingdon counties, a region where Scaringi has won four previous straw polls, starting last fall. In the most recent straw poll earlier this month, Scaringi beat Sam Rohrer in a head-to-head contest.

Scaringi Campaign Communications Director Randy DeSoto said, “We are very pleased and excited about this ad. In ‘Let’s Restore Freedom to America,’ Marc gets to introduce himself and why he felt called to run for the U.S. Senate in order to replace Robert Casey as Pennsylvania’s Senator. Bob Casey votes 98% of the time with President Obama, and their radical agenda has brought this nation to edge of bankruptcy.” DeSoto added, “The spot will run initially right in the heart of Pennsylvania’s conservative ‘T.’ The campaign plans to expand it to other strong conservative markets around our state, as the political ad window opens in the middle of March, and will immediately distribute it through social media. We want to continue to build on the momentum created by a strong showing during the petitions drive, where the Scaringi campaign was able to gather nearly 3 times the number of signatures required for Marc to qualify for the ballot, from 66 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, as well as the National Republican Liberty Caucus’ endorsement of Marc last week. The RLC endorsed Pat Toomey, along with Rand Paul, Jim DeMint and Mike Lee is their campaigns for the U.S. Senate in 2010. Marc believes they are among the leading lights of constitutional conservatism in the Senate, and he would be honored to serve with them in the fight to restore freedom to America.”

Listen to ad here:  MARK SCARINGI – Let’s Restore Freedom to America


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