Welch Says Would Honor “Organic” Endorsement Decision; Takes Inorganic One

Scaringi says endorsement was the least “organic” that he’d ever witnessed 

At the York 912 Forum on January 12, two weeks before the Party “chose” to candidate Steve Welch on January 28, Welch said he would honor Republican Party’s decision regarding the endorsement of a candidate in the U.S. Senate race, if it was “organic” and “not from the top down.” Apparently the “organic standard” only applies to candidates other than himself, in which case, a manufactured, top down pick is entirely acceptable.

Last week, at the Valley Forge Patriots candidates forum on February 3, Marc Scaringi was asked what he thought about the Party’s decision to endorse and would he continue to run, regardless of the Party’s decision. Scaringi said that he would run all the way to Election Day and pointed out the pick was the “least organic” and “top down, command and control process” he’d witnessed. The media also reported the heavy hand from the Party leadership and the Governor, which drove the decision to endorse in the race. Prior to the endorsement, Scaringi had consistently called on the Republican Party not to endorse and let the Republican Primary voters decide.

You can listen to the audio here of both Welch’s “Organic Standard” and Scaringi’s observation about the selection:

Marc Scaringi and Steve Welch Regarding the Party Endorsement

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