Things to Remember When Circulating Petitions

-Circulation dates are January 24 to February 14. They CANNOT be signed before the 24th and MUST be back to us in Harrisburg in time to be filed with the Election Commission on the 14th.

-Petitions must be notarized (by you, the circulator) before they are submitted. This can be done by any public notary, or at the Clerk Of Courts Office located in your County Courthouse.

-Have at least 3 good pens with you. One blue and one black pen is ideal (NO OTHER COLORS!).

DITTO MARKS CANNOT BE USED!!! Even if the information is identical (like a husband and wife who sign one after the other), they each must write out all of the information for every box or the signature WILL NOT COUNT.

-Each petition form may contain signatures from only one county. Fill in the blank at the top for each one. You may gather signatures in multiple counties, but make sure that each person signs the form that is for the county where they live. It’s perfectly OK to submit several forms that aren’t full.

-You are allowed to photocopy the forms. Just be sure you have a blank one to copy if you’re afraid you’ll need to.

-Each voter may only sign one petition per office. If they have already signed for one of Marc’s opponents, they cannot sign Marc’s petition too (so get them first!).

-The signer must be a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN in order to sign. If they are registered Independent, Libertarian, or anything else, the signature WILL NOT count. If you know non-Republicans who want to support Marc, they will have to switch in order to sign and vote for him. This is easy to do and they can simply change back after the primary in April if they wish.

-When the signer gets to the “City, Boro, or Township” column (after their street address), make sure that they fill this box with their municipality. This MAY OR MAY NOT be the same as their mailing address. It’s habitual for many people to continue writing their mailing address, so be sure you make them aware of this before they fill in the wrong information.

Know what the date is and be sure that the signer fills in the date. Signatures are thrown out when the date column is left blank or the dates aren’t in chronological order.

-With so many candidates in this race, the pool of voters who haven’t signed yet will dry up quickly. GET STARTED IMMEDIATELY ON JANUARY 24 AND GET AS MANY SIGNTURES AS POSSIBLE IN THE FIRST FEW DAYS! If you wait until the last minute, there may not be anyone left who can still sign.

If you have any questions or problems, you can call Erich for help any time at (717) 860-3225. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Mail Scaringi petitions to:

Scaringi for Senate 2012
Attention: Petitions
4075 Linglestown Rd, #322
Harrisburg, PA 17112

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