Scaringi Wins the Blair/Bedford/Huntingdon/Centre County GOP Straw Poll

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania — Marc Scaringi, candidate for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania, won the Blair/Bedford/Huntingdon/Centre County Straw Poll conducted last night, Thursday, January 5. The vote came following a candidates forum sponsored by Republican County Committees of these four counties in Altoona. All the major candidates seeking the Republican nomination spoke, including Scaringi, Steve Welch, Sam Rohrer, Tom Smith, and Tim Burns, had an opportunity to address the audience making the case why they should be the nominee and then take questions from the audience. According to the poll results, 21% of those participating in the survey changed their minds who they would support after hearing the candidates speak. Scaringi scored the highest in the crowded field winning 32% of the votes cast.

Scaringi reacted to the news, “It’s very gratifying to win last night’s four county straw poll in Altoona. I believe it reflects having the right message at the right time is what’s most important in gaining people’s support and trust and their vote. Additionally, as my former boss Senator Rick Santorum proved in the Iowa Caucuses earlier this week, a willingness to work hard over many months, with passion and desire and determination, is what carries the day. Mitt Romney outspent Santorum over 7-to-1 in Iowa — $75 to $10 for every vote won — and Rick Perry outspent him 20-to-1, yet Santorum came from single digits in the polls to tie Romney and beat Perry. Further, Santorum has gone from having perhaps the most difficulty raising funds among the Presidential candidates to a surge of over $2 million over the last 48 hours. The old adage holds true, ‘If you build it, they will come.'”

Scaringi added, “I believe we must return to a limited, constitutional federal government, as established by our Founders, in order to restore liberty and prosperity to our nation. The purpose of my Free America Agenda is to help bring our country back to this solid foundation. I’m glad to see that message resonating with the voters of Pennsylvania.”


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