Lebanon Daily News – Would Be Senator Comes to Town

Lebanon, PA. The march of the Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidates has begun.

US Senate Candidate Marc Scaringi Speaking to the Lebanon 9-12 Project Tuesday night 12-20

Marc Scaringi, one of nine GOP candidates hoping to unseat Democratic incumbent Sen. Bob Casey, paid a visit to Lebanon on Tuesday to speak with Lebanon 9-12 Project members at their monthly meeting in Cleona.

A native of Pittsburgh and graduate of Georgetown University, the 41-year-old is an attorney who operates a Harrisburg law firm with his wife, Melanie. The couple live in Camp Hill with their three young children.

Scaringi has not run for elected office before but has a strong political background, having worked as a staffer for former Sen. Rick Santorum and as the executive assistant of former Pennsylvania Attorney General Mike Fisher…

Scaringi said his experience in big government and small business helps separate him from the crowded field.

“I worked in the very office I’m running for and then went as far away from it as you can,” he said. “So I have that inside perspective. But I also have that outside perspective. I view myself as an outsider. I’ve always been fiercely independent in my thought.”

The tea party movement restored his interest in politics, Scaringi said. He believes it is putting the Republican Party back on track.

“I think the tea party is the best thing that has happened to the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan changed his party registration from Democrat to Republican,” he said.

Scaringi favors a balanced budget amendment and is highly critical of both parties for exploding the national debt with government bailouts, excessive borrowing and unwise spending – including the Iraq war, which he opposed.

“We need to cut spending significantly,” he said. “We need to stop government borrowing, because the larger the government the smaller the private sector…”

To spur the economy, Scaringi advocates reducing taxes for everyone. Eliminating burdensome regulations, including the new health-care law, will also help small businesses create jobs and re-energize the economy, he said…

Like his Republican opponents, Scaringi never misses a chance to link the presumptive Democratic nominee, Casey, to President Barack Obama.

“Casey votes about 97 percent of the time according to the way that President Obama asks him to vote,” he said. “So that is why I refer to it everywhere I go as the Casey-Obama agenda.”

A pro-life conservative, Scaringi is a supporter of term limits and has pledged to serve a maximum of 12 years in the Senate.

Although he supports an open primary, Scaringi said, he will work for the endorsement of the State Republican Committee in late January.

His website is scaringiforsenate2012.com.

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