At Long Last, the War in Iraq is Over

Today is a wonderful day because it marks the end of the War in Iraq. My heart goes out to the families of the nearly 4,500 brave American servicemen and women who lost a spouse, a parent, a child or a grandchild in the nine year war. The lives of those brave servicemen and women, and the 30,000 American servicemen and women who suffer from serious injuries including the loss of limbs and permanent disfigurement, should serve as a constant and painful reminder of the terrible costs of war.

Soldiers Leaving Iraq on Saturday

I am hopeful that the high cost, in both life and treasure, caused by the War in Iraq will inspire the American people to demand that our career politicians return to the foreign policy of our Founding Fathers – that we are a Republic not an Empire. We should be a beacon of liberty, throughout the world. However, we must free America of this self-imposed moral duty to “Police the World” or “Make the World Safe for Democracy” or whatever new slogan the career politicians come up with that at the end of the day just means more American blood spilt and American treasure spent imposing “democracy” or fighting other peoples’ wars.

We must have the strongest military on Earth, but we must use it sparingly and only to defend the vital national security interests of the American people. We must stop this nation building, end all foreign aid and close down military installations, located throughout the far corners of the world, that do not serve to protect the American people. By conserving our wealth and power, instead of borrowing trillions to support this empire, we will ensure that we do not follow in the footsteps of all previous empires that borrowed and spent themselves into the history books.

May God bless our brave troops: they have served our nation well. May they ever know the gratitude of the American people. May God also grant our leaders the discernment to know how to best employ them only in service of the liberty of the United States, which they have sworn to defend.

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