Marc Scaringi on the WRTA News Talk – Dr. John McGinnis Show

Marc was on WRTA News Talk AM 1240’s Dr. John McGinnis Show on Dec. 6, 2011. In the interview, he talks about working in the US Senate on Day 1 of the first Republican Revolution in 1994. Dr. John asks, on your list of priorities, what is number one on your list? Marc answers, “My agenda is restoring freedom to America, freedom to Americans at every turn, at every opportunity. That’s my goal.” John responds, “Wow, that’s the best answer that I’ve ever heard to that question on this show…You go right to liberty, I love it!” Marc elaborates on his Free America Agenda including freeing America from its self-imposed duty to “Police the World.”  We must have the most powerful military on Earth, but we should use it only to protect the vital national interests of the America people. He also goes three for three in a little pop quiz given by John.

You can listen here to the approximately 18 minute interview: John McGinnis Show – WRTA News Talk – 12-6-11

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