Marc Scaringi on the Glen Meakem Show

Marc was on the Glen Meakem Show on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011.

In the interview, Marc talks about his experience working on Capitol Hill during the first Republican Revolution of 1994 on issues like the Balanced Budget Amendment and Welfare Reform. He believes the Balanced Budget Amendment is the only means to restrain a Congress that otherwise will not make the difficult choices needed to get our nation back on track. Marc also points out that many current federal programs and agencies not only are not helping the economy, but actively hurting job growth. The Nation Labor Relations Board ruling that Boeing could not open a plant in South Carolina is a prime example. Additionally, Marc talks about the need to repeal ObamaCare, and implement real healthcare reform and real entitlement reform, as well.

Listen here: Marc Scaringi on Glen Meakem – 11-19-11

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