Human Events: Scaringi Top Tier Contender for Republican US Senate Nomination

In case you missed it, earlier this week, the political editor for the stalwart conservative publication Human Events, John Gizzi, wrote about the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race. Gizzi identifies Marc as a top tier candidate for the Republican nomination.

Here are some excerpts:

Pennsylvania Senate Primary Race Beginning to Take Shape

Lancaster Township, Penn.-

The contenders considered the top three in the field (at this point, at least) were all present Saturday at the Lancaster Township Republican breakfast.

“It’s good to see that many of our Senate candidates are here, meeting people and working the crowd,” said Ann Womble, chairman of the breakfast, which drew a packed room of more than 130 guests in spite of snow warnings. “So far, we don’t really know any of the candidates well, so I’m sure, events like this give them a chance to know likely Republican voters and us a chance to talk to them.”

“If energy were the pivotal factor in the campaign, attorney and former Santorum aide Marc Scaringi would be the runaway front-runner. Throughout the year, he has attended more than 100 party events throughout the state…While polls show Casey strong now, Scaringi feels, “his votes for ‘ObamaCare’ and the stimulus package are going to come back to haunt him-with the right opponent who can articulate the issue differences.”

“…But with a Muhlenberg College poll showing Barack Obama’s popularity at a record low (35%) among Pennsylvania voters and Republican activists in Lancaster and elsewhere increasingly feeling they can put the state in their column for President for the first time since 1988, this Senate race is worth watching.”

Read entire article here.

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