Scaringi Campaign Releases Ad: Steve Welch, an Arlen Specter Republican

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – The Scaringi for Senate campaign produced an ad, which it distributed to Republican State Committee members and others online, to inform Pennsylvania voters of Steve Welch’s liberal background, and why he is the wrong man for the state’s Republican Party nomination to the U.S. Senate.

Campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto said, “Steve Welch is seeking the endorsement of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee and the Republican Party’s nomination to the U.S. Senate, but his Republican, and even more his conservative credentials, are highly suspect.” Welch’s political resume includes supporting and contributing to liberal Democrat Joe Sestak in his run for Congress in 2006, switching his registration to the Democratic Party that same year, voting for Barack Obama in 2008, and switching back to the Republican Party in 2009. DeSoto added, “We don’t need another Arlen Specter Republican representing Pennsylvania in the Senate at this critical time in our nation’s history.”

Welch intends to spend a significant amount of his own money in a bid to win the Republican nomination. He has stated that Sestak deceived him about his intentions when running for Congress in 2006, otherwise he would not have backed the liberal Democrat’s campaign. Welch has also said he switched to the Democratic Party in 2006 to protest actions by the Republican Party. DeSoto questioned, “Could a true conservative wanting to protest the actions of the Republican Party actually believe the proper means to do so is by registering as a Democrat?” He added, “We need true conservatives, like Pat Toomey, leading and representing us in the U.S. Senate. If given the privilege to serve, Marc Scaringi will work closely with Senator Toomey and other like-minded conservatives in Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment, to reduce the tax on work, savings and investment, and to eliminate job-crushing regulations in order to get this economy moving again and producing jobs. We must be the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan and not Arlen Specter.”

Please click below to listen:    Radio Ad: Steve Welch – An Arlen Specter Republican

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