Marc Scaringi’s Statement Regarding Joe Miller’s Endorsement

Thank you Joe so much for your endorsement of my candidacy.  Joe Miller is a true American Patriot.  Joe Miller fought for our freedoms in the Persian Gulf War and was awarded the Bronze Star for his leadership in combat.  He has a Masters in Economics from the University of Alaska, a juris doctorate from Yale Law School and is a family man with his wife Kathleen, who is here today, and eight children.  Joe Miller is citizen, solider and lawyer.  His resume sounds like many of the resumes of our Founding Fathers.  I am so proud to have received Joe’s endorsement here today.

Last year people from all over the country, including me, watched with fascination and excitement – your race to unseat a political dynasty in Alaska.  The Senator you opposed, Lisa Murkowski, was gifted that Senate seat by her father, the Governor.  A Murkowski had held that seat for the previous 30 years, and you – a citizen-candidate who had never held elective office and without a political dynasty behind you – came from 30 points down in early July last year against the incumbent with the biggest name in Alaskan politics in the past three decades to becoming the Republican nominee in just a few months:  truly an amazing David and Goliath story.

What many didn’t realize, and what you helped point out is that Senator Murkowski’s voting record was more in line with President Obama than the conservative principles of the Republican Party.  Senator Murkowski had voted with the Democrats more than any other Republican up for re-election last year, and the Heritage Foundation rated her the most liberal Republican in the Senate.  The establishment was willing to let business go on as usual, because in Alaska – the Murkowski family is POWER – but you weren’t impressed or intimidated.  And you stepped up to the plate, and for that you are to be commended.

Unfortunately, Senator Murkowski came back to win in the General, after all she was still a Republican, with the most recognized Republican name in the past 30 years running in one of the biggest Republican elections in history with the support of the Republican Party Establishment.  However, I believe your defeat of the Senator chosen by her father, entrenched by her incumbency and defended to the end by the Establishment – is another blow struck for freedom, for self-government and for government of, by and for the people, not government of, by and for a protected political class.

Well, last year here in Pennsylvania we had big victories with our great new Governor Tom Corbett and our terrific new Senator Pat Toomey.  Senator Toomey is one of the leading lights for freedom and liberty in the United States Senate today.  Senator Toomey has joined a group of the best and brightest defenders of freedom in the US Senate lead by Senators Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and Rand Paul.

But, we have another US Senator here in Pennsylvania.  Bob Casey voted the liberal position in every area rated from the bailouts of Wall Street investment banks, to the bailout of big unions, to the takeover of car companies and entire industries, to the Stimulus Spending bill to protect the jobs of government workers while millions of workers in the private sector lost theirs, to voting for the ObamaCare, to voting for forced unionization and the removal of the secret ballot in union elections, to voting for massive new regulations of the banking industry, to failing to oppose President Obama’s imposition of cap-and-trade via regulatory fiat, to voting for taxpayer funding for ACORN and Planned Parenthood, to pushing the American people into this unconstitutional war in Libya, and to his assault on the responsible development of the Marcellus Shale, which is the only true bright spot in the Pennsylvania economy.  Senator Casey has heeded the call of his friend and ally, Barak Obama, and together they have launched an assault on our liberties, our freedoms and indeed the American way of life.

Senator Casey and President Obama’s policies are bankrupting America.  We now have a $14 trillion national debt, that is nearly $50,000 of debt for every man, woman and child in American today, where we borrow $4 billion more a day.  We have the longest, highest sustained unemployment rate in 60 years, with millions of people out of work and desperate to find jobs to provide for the families once again.  We have an economy that is barely breathing and is on the edge of falling back into the Great Recession.  This is the Obama-Casey Agenda.  This is what we must stop.  This is why I feel called and compelled to re-enter public life to go to Washington DC to stop the Obama-Casey Agenda in its tracks.

Pennsylvanians are a common sense people, and they realize the direction Washington is taking us in is not working.  It’s time to return back to fundamentals and that’s what my Free America Agenda is all about.  We need freedom from debt through a Balanced Budget Amendment, we came one vote short in the 95, the last time I was working in the US Senate, and now the time has come for this vital measure to pass.  These massive deficits and this massive debt and these massive stimulus spending programs are suffocating the economy.  President Obama and Senator Casey have stimulated this economy to near death.  We must now stop the borrowing, stop the spending, stop the stimulating and allow this economy to – on its own – get back up on its feet and begin growing again.

We need Freedom from the stranglehold our career politicians have over our government by passing a Term Limit Amendment.  It is the borrowing and spending by the career politicians in both parties that has brought America to the edge of bankruptcy.  Many people go to Washington intending to do good, but once they get there they realize how good it is for themselves.  I know.  I was there. I worked in the United States Senate in the very office currently occupied by Senator Casey.  In the end career politicians end up wanting to do well – for themselves.  So they begin to do what they believe they need to do to get re-elected – that means they do the bidding of the special interest groups who have votes and money instead of doing what is right for the American people.  Once Mr. Smith, the Jimmy Stewart character, gets to Washington, he turns into Barney Frank – the very definition of why we need term limits.

We need to free American taxpayers and small businesses from the oppression of the federal government by reducing the tax on work, savings and investment and eliminating job-crushing regulations – starting with the EPA.  Reducing the oppression of the massive tax and regulatory burden that is suffocating this economy, will allow businesses to catch their breath so they can reinvest and grow their businesses free from oppressive regulations, taxes and government stimulation.  This will lift the economy to soaring new heights, create millions of new jobs and bring prosperity to all Americans.

This is my Free America Agenda.  I am running for the United States Senate to restore Freedom and Prosperity to America.  I encourage you to go to our website to learn more.  We update it frequently. You can also find our campaign on Facebook at ScarningiforSenate2012 and on Twitter at Scaringi, the number 4, senate.

Thank you again Joe for endorsing me.  We’re looking to capture some of that Miller magic here. I want Pennsylvania to be a leading force in saying no to the status quo and getting our nation back on track, grounded in the ideals upon which the country came to be.

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